Fall Fundraisers

Blake’s Day Pass Fall Fundraiser:

Here at Blake Farms we are excited to have a new fundraising program that transforms entertainment into revenue for your organization with our easy-to-use  program. From church groups, scouts, sports teams, academic clubs, band boosters and PTA we have an opportunity for you. Blake Farms provides school groups or organizations with an easy-to-use opportunity to raise money for your various needs.


 Here’s How It Works:

We give your organization a pre-determined number of Blake’s Day Pass Wristbands valued at $9.95 to sell. Your group or organization will earn $2.00 for every ticket sold. Tickets are sold at $9.95: Blake’s receives $7.75; your organization will receive $2.00. This fundraiser is not only a great way to raise money, but also a great way to foster group unity and community involvement. You sell and market the wristbands as much as you want and we will provide each campaign with sufficient marketing material to help your organization succeed. When your  campaign is done  we will  collect any unsold  tickets   and write you a check for your portion of the proceeds!


                                            Why Choose Blake’s ?

Blake’s is  an established family farm that has been facilitating great family fun and entertainment for over 60 years. This option is great for Elementary and Middle School aged kids and people with young kids;  At Blake’s there is something for everyone . Every fall we have over 200,000  patrons come out and visit us through the months of  August thru November. We are  looking for ways to give back to our local community, school groups and non-profit organizations. Blake’s Day Pass Wristbands  tickets are a great way to foster community togetherness and raise money for any worthy cause.

Our fundraising program requires a $500 minimum in purchases.




What’s Included in a Day Pass Wristband?


Ø  New Straw Mountain

Ø  Barnyard 500 Tricycle Track

Ø  Animal Petting Farm

Ø  Giant Straw Maze and Jump

Ø  Cornfield

Ø  Storybook Barn

Ø  Bunnyville

Ø  Mr. Bone’s Outhouse

Ø  Scarecrow Band

Ø  Le Roy’s Apple Picking Truck

Ø  Playground

Ø  Haunted Village & Black Hole 

Ø  NEW Jumping Pillows


 For more information please contact Melanie Blake at:


Melanie Blake

Cell: (810) 305-2228

Email: Melanie@blakefarms.com

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Spring Fundraisers

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